Our History

The sport of netball, formerly women’s basketball, has been played in the Dandenong District since the 1920’s. In the early days, games were played on Saturday afternoons in winter at various outdoor locations, including school grounds and parks.

By the 1960’s, the growth in participation saw the Association divide to form the Dandenong & District Netball Association and teams west of Chandler Road, the Springvale & District Netball Association. During the 1970’s, the Dandenong Council provided 6 courts at Booths Reserve followed by 12 courts marked out on the Cheltenham Road Stock Market car park. Night games for seniors were started during the summer and were played at the King Street basketball courts, then the Jarvis Pavilion at Mills Reserve and the Menzies Avenue Hall. These Competitions were popular and extended to year round.

In April 1980, 15 asphalt courts were constructed at Greaves Reserve, and for the first time, all Saturday matches could be played at one venue. The Ella Athorn Pavilion was added in 1982 providing toilet, kitchen and meeting facilities. The Association contributed $25,000 to the capital cost of the building as well as paying for the fit out.

The Netball Complex was completed in 1996 when 4 timber floored indoor courts were added. The additions cost $1.2 million and the Association was again able to contribute $120,000 to the capital cost plus equipping the centre.